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Francis Acheampong

Francis Acheampong is a young adult prolific fiction writer born with stunning story ideas.

He is a product of the West African Senior High School (Adenta-Accra), and holds a Higher National Diploma in Tourism from Cape Coast Technical University. He enjoys writing proposals and projects for undergraduate. During his leisure time, he likes to read and write.

Published Work

About two hundred years ago, a curse strikes a small village called Vambaja. As a result, many people passed away while others got inflicted with contagious diseases. Animals also died, farms got set ablaze, the rain seized to pour, water bodies dried up, among others.

In the fourth generation, ignorant Mintandah and Asare, a prosperous and well-educated couple begin to face difficult times. Sadly, they lose their businesses, houses, and three children.

They proceed to see a prophet only to be told that there is a generational curse on Mintandah’s family and until the curse is broken, they will never be free. Upon series of trials, a voyage is embarked on to Vambaja, Mintandah’s hometown where the curse is eventually broken.

Now, the hanging question is; how did the curse originate? And how is it broken?

Generational Curses

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