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Pastor Emmanuel Amponsah

Emmanuel Amponsah is a graduate of Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Northern Campus Kumbungu Tamale and also the care taker Pastor of Assemblies of God Ghana local Assembly Joy which is located at Ayimensah

He is a Pastor who believes has been called by God to teach His Word to the world for people to know and understand Him (God) and that would lead to the love for God and His Kingdom

Published Work


Forgiveness is one of the essential ingredients that makes the gospel a gospel and also keeps our salvation intact.

We all want to forgive automatically without feeling any pain within but the challenge is not easy. I believe this book; ACTS OF FORGIVENESS has come to help us forgive easily without pain.

“I can forgive but the forgetting is my problem”, that is a common challenge for us all but by God’s grace and mercies this book ACTS OF FORGIVENESS has come to help us deal with this challenge.

These ACTS OF FORGIVENESS from God, made and called us the children of God and the Greater FORGIVER has asked us who were once the offenders to do same to our fellow human beings, hence this book THE ACTS OF FORGIVENESS that is going to teach us the meaning of forgiveness, how to forgive and also what it does to us (both the forgiver and the receiver of the forgiveness)

May this book be a blessing to you.

The Act of Forgiveness

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