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Paul Buabeng

Paul Buabeng has an interest in teaching. He has been teaching as Sunday School teacher for over eight years in Assemblies of God Church, Ghana. He was a deacon and a youth president in Glad Tidings Assembly, Adansi Praso in New Edubiase district. He is a caretaker in House of Joy Assembly, Okrakwadjo, Akuapem North and Sunday School teacher in Joy Assembly, Ayimensah - Accra.

Paul received his Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics at University for Development Studies. He enjoys writing proposals and projects for undergraduate and postgraduate individuals.

He has an attitude of humility, learning and researching under pastors, which has allowed him to make disciples and a lot of impacts.

Published Work

adopting front.jpg

Jesus preached the adoption of kingdom attitudes, not just desiring that people would only hear Him. He also desired that we do something with what we had heard. Therefore, He concluded with a strategic parable so that if we truly believed what He had said, we would have to do something about it. The closets called for a change of heart, attitude and decision to journey toward His kingdom and its righteousness.

As Jesus begun to close out his discourse on the adoption of kingdom attitudes, I believe He began to clarify some issues that the church was bound to deal with. It is the issue of truth and falsehood. The church has always been plagued with the prophet, the leader, the preacher, the member or just the attendees who call themselves a Christian yet some were not.

I believe it is as simple as opening our eyes to read this book. We must look at what Jesus says and obey it.

So what does He say;

Adopting Kingdom Attitudes

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