Swedru School of Business, the place for proper training and guidance for higher learning. The serenity of this school announces to all that Swedru School of Business is the place for people to be, either to learn, teach or visit.

Swedru School of Business, since its commencement in 1959, has engraved a niche for itself with regards to academic excellence and the splendid performance exhibited by the school in the WASSCE/SSSCE in recent years. To attest to this, it is on record that the school produced the best candidate in Business and the overall best candidate in the SSSCE conducted by WAEC in Ghana in 2002 in the person of Mister Rahman Adbul Amoadu. Similarly, Master David Asiedu has also adjudged the overall best Accounting student in the world for 2011 in the Naamansa Foundation Exams.

Swedru School Business was 60 years, and the anniversary was to be held on 13th July 2019. But due to arrangement and other concerns in the school and the alumni, the celebration was postponed to this year, 2020.

Swedru School of Business is now celebrating its 60th (1959 – 2019) Anniversary this year enormously and mega.

The unveiling of the cloth, Lacoste, and Cap of the anniversary have been done and the official cloth, Lacoste, Cap for the anniversary are available for sale at GHS30.00 per yard and GHS360. 00 for the full piece of cloth, Lacoste & Cap cost GHS60.00

The cloth, Lacoste, and Cap are available for sale at the moment;

Those in and around Swedru should contact the Headmaster on 0208923415 for their cloth, Lacoste, and Cap.

Those in and around Accra should contact the President on 0244769417 or the Women organizer on 0242681361 for their cloth, Lacoste and Cap.

Those in and around Cape Coast should contact the Secretary on 0248069605 for their cloth, Lacoste, and Cap.

All year group representatives can also mobilize the purchases from their year group and contact any of the above mentioned to get their cloth, Lacoste, and Cap.


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