• Francis Acheampong

Be watchful of ungodly prophets in our present generation

Fellow brethren, be watchful of fake prophets in our present generation and the generations to come. They are charlatans! Professional tricksters who appear to be wolves in sheep's clothing. They will use all mediums and deceitful ways to extort the little you have to enable them to build on their worth.

The fact that your problems are bigger than the universe doesn't guarantee you to jump from one prophet to others to secure help to solve your problems. Some of these prophets tap their powers from evil sources. The miracles and healing you see them do are all backed by evil forces. As you think they have healed you or solved your problems, they have overly multiplied them spiritually.

A lot of desperate people are instructed to drink disinfectant, urine, have sex with the prophet, eat feces, humiliate their family members because they are witches, kill others because of fake prophecies.

Be on the guide and be alert as the eagle. Let your instincts and discernment from the Holy Spirit lead you to identify between a fake and a genuine prophet. It is not all churches you attend. Try and do away with persuasive friends who will lure you to see a prophet because he is known to be powerful.

May God guard you and fill you with a strong discernment to figure out the difference between good and bad prophets.


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