Chinese should leave Kenya immediately- Hon Moses Kuria

A section of Kenya leaders has been angered after learning that Kenyans and other Africans have been forced to live in the streets after they were evicted from their houses in China following claims that they had tested positive for covid-19.

Taking to their social media pages, most condemned the incident with others advocating that Chinese living in the country should be deported.

Angered, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria advocated that the Chinese go back to their homes with immediate effect.

"It is only fair that all Chinese nationals leave the country with immediate effect. How do you blame Africans for a virus you manufactured in a Wuhan laboratory? Go back home," Moses Kuria stated.

His counterpart, Starehe MP Charles Njagua declared that was happening in China was not acceptable and called upon the Kenyans to act.

"I'll not hesitate to ask Kenyans to follow the Bible, it says an eye for an eye," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru weighed in on the matter, decrying that Kenyans deserved to be respected.

It's painful that our business partners (China) can't protect Kenyans.

"We offer them utmost respect yet what they pay us back with is disrespect and dehumanising our people. We deserve better," she noted.

The report of Kenyans suffering in a foreign country has since left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, with the hashtag 'China must explain' trending on Twitter the better part of Friday morning.

"I think China has all the answers as to why the whole world is suffering. Leaders fear to tell them the truth due to loans they owe them. Starting with USA, Kenya and other countries we must rise against all inhuman practises against our lives. We shall overcome, "Liyosi stated.

"China must explain how Coronavirus could reach Africa without getting to Beijing and Shanghai. China must explain how they can blame Africans for infecting them with Coronavirus when the virus originated from Wuhan, China," Yuri weighed in.

Story by: Stephanie Wangari.

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