The Adansi Amonorkrom community has gone through a lot of struggles over a decade in building a well-structured classroom block for the inhabitants after a lot of attempts to call for government aid failed.

Upon several attempts to gain government’s attention to the construction of the school building which proved futile, the community, therefore, decided on the house to house contribution to embark on the construction of a six-unit classroom block. Even though it is the responsibility of the government to build schools, the people of Amonorkrom did not hesitate to join hands in the construction of this facility.

The Assemblyman of Esirifikrom electoral area Hon. Ernest Teye – Amoh explained that children in the community would have to walk for an hour before they get access to other schools in the nearby communities some of which are Aboabo 1 and Fumso Ketewa. Due to this challenge, some wards after completion of the primary school were not able to continue to the Junior High School.

Currently, the community through their own efforts has constructed a six-unit classroom block with JHS 1 class in addition. There is still a lot of work to be done on the facility to make it complete and comfortable for both staff and the pupils.

Hon. Amoh – Teye added that in consultation with the member of parliament in the Adansi Asokwa constituency, Hon K. T. Hammond, he released 40 bags of cement and 4 packets of roofing sheets to complete the facility. In an exclusive interview with some community members, they expressed much worry over the attitude of the Member of Parliament in the Adansi Asokwa Constituency for not putting in much effort in the building of the school for the people of Amornokrom for his 20 years tenure as a member of parliament.

The Assemblyman said the government has just commenced a three-unit Junior High-class room block in the community to avoid children from walking a long distance to access JHS after completing primary school. Work is still ongoing at the site he added, but could not disclose when the whole facility will be completed to serve its purpose.

He made a passionate appeal to government and non – governmental organizations to come to their aid in building a complex community center for the people of Amonorkrom. He said, during the rainy season the community is not able to access the social center due to its bad state.

FOS News, Adansiman Hotseat

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