• Francis Acheampong


We all have a dream. A dream to someday be financially independent where we can eat and buy anything that we desire, get married to the right person, give birth and watch our children grow in harmony, get a good job, be happy at all times, and be healthy too. Dreams are a cherished aspiration, ambition or idea. Martin Luther King Jnr once said, "I have a dream."

We all have a dream. One's dream may be big or small. Many people die without fulfilling their dreams because they failed to plan. There is a saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To enable you to achieve your dreams, you need to work hard. If you're a student you need to take your books seriously. Learn to eschew procrastination and laziness.

Dreams are like a burning desire that ignites in us each and every second, especially whenever we think about the things we want to achieve before we die. Napoleon Hill once said, " Whatever the mind of a man thinks of, he becomes." Our mind is made in such a way that, when you think good, good things come our way.

Don't be like that man who died without achieving his dreams because of so many unreasonable excuses. Keep pushing hard, and one day, someway, somehow your dreams will come true.

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