Karela United Skipper Rejects Pay-Cut Proposal, Vocalizes On Team’s Performance And Transfers

Isaac Hagan has rejected proposals to have Ghana premier league players take pay cuts in a bid to raise funds to support the country’s effort in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes in the wake of several pushes by football associations and regulatory bodies for some percentage cut in salaries of footballers most in Europe.

There have been attempts to implement the same initiate in Ghana which has generated varied opinions on the subject.

The Karela United shot-stopper in an interview with West FM cited small salary and lack of personal sponsorship as reasons he can’t accept the proposal.

“I’m not ready to accept any pay cut from management. It’s a contract let’s respect it because I receive small salary and I can’t compare my [salary] to that of European players who have personal sponsorship”.

He went to talk about his team’s poor performance in the now-suspended Ghana premier league, attributing it to poor preparations accompanied with frequent coaching changes.

“Our position on the league table is not good and I think COVID-19 has helped Karela United to rebuild the team”, he told West FM.

On reports linking him away from the club, the Skipper insisted he’s ready to consider a move to any Ghanaian club if they can meet his demand.


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