Kids Picking Plums

At the end of April and through May we have Plums available for picking (depending on the weather/season). We have several different varieties that come in at different times. Depending on the weather and how busy we are, sometimes a variety can be picked out over the course of a week! One variety turns a pretty dark purple color (Gulf Beauty), One is a purple reddish color (Methley) and one is a yellow plum (Byron Gold). These fruit are sweet and flavorful but we have more people who want them "green" than ripe!

Pick Up Your Own Plums

As part of the introduction of fruits to the kids, the importance of fruits and types. We decided to have special game called "Pick up your own plums". This game came into mind when we saw that the plum trees in our school farm are ready to harvest. It was the best opportunity to make the lesson visual and practical in the mind of the kids and with their full participation.

Departure of the Kids

Now, it's time to begin the game, allowing the kids to go to the school farm to pick up their own plums. They were given homemade bags and they depart to hustle and pick some plums for themselves. This game is meant to achieve the aim of the lesson plan on fruits.

Arrival of the Kids

In the return of the kids from their picking plum game, the kids started to show the outcome of their hustle. Everyone return to school with some plums in his or her homemade bag and they were proud of their hustle in this game but part of a lesson plan.

Washing the Plums

The kids, then allow to complete the game by washing their plums and get them ready to be eaten. On their arrival to the school, they all walk straight to the kitchen to wash their plums. It was so interesting that the kids were very happy going through the process.

Enjoy the Hustle

Finally, it's time for the kids to eat their delicious plums with all the enthusiasm.

The introduction of this game "Pick up your own plum" has been one of the games that yielded the best among the rest.

You can also try something new. Let me know your side of the game. Let's be more creative on every side of our teaching. Waiting to hear from you!!

Let me hear from you at the comment section.

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