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Michael Ahmed Atilare Writes: Spread Hope Not Fear On News Relating To Covid 19

Anxiety is said to proliferate in these times according to research which is utterly needles if you ask me.I have seen educated people (graduates )who take pleasure in spreading and posting information which only causes fear and needless agitation.How about we leave the sharing of information to the media or those designated to do so only..Its advisable you stick to one source of information regarding this novel virus.This will bring your level of anxiety down drastically.Anxiety could metamorphose into depression which could eventually affect you mentally. Especially when you are anxious about things you cannot control.Mind you-your mental health is at stake here your intake of information and how you decipher it to make meaning has a direct effect on your mental health .It could make or unmake you when all this is over.Get yourself Busy Read a book,watch a movie make that video call do anything to get your mind busy and absent from what is going on.It will pass but In the meantime let's protect ourselves whiles we stay home.

#Stay home

#stay safe

Written by: Michael Ahmed Atilare

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