Mid-Autumn Festival for Kids

In the Chinese lunar calendar tradition, the seventh, eighth and ninth months comprise autumn. During fall, the skies are commonly clear and cloudless and the nights crisp and sharp. In these night sky conditions, the moon appears to be the brightest. The fifteenth day of the eighth month in the middle of autumn, this the festival celebrates the moon's appearance as the brightest and most beautiful throughout the year.

The Mid-Autumn Holiday Period

Student and workers receive a day or two off for the Mid-Autumn Holiday, depending on when it falls. Sometimes the holiday falls close to the October Holiday that celebrates the founding of the People's Republic of China (1st October) so in that case, it is combined together.

History of the Festival

Enjoying the moon is an ancient tradition in China going back nearly 1,400 years. The moon was associated with rejuvenation and it is common for people to worship and give offerings to the moon. The harvest moon celebration appears to have occurred since the Zhou Dynasty (ending in 221 BC) times, it was during the early Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) that the celebration became a festival. Becoming grander over time, by the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), the mid-autumn festival was second only in importance to the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

Mid-Autumn in 3 Words

1. Happy Family Time

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important old festival in China. It's for people to enjoy a happy family time. It's like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mothers cook nice food and the people in China enjoy a happy family dinner.

2. A Bright Full Moon

Mid-Autumn is the best time to enjoy the full moon. This is because in autumn it's least cloudy in China. For people in China, the full moon means family time. If they can't go home, they look at the moon. They believe that their family is looking at the moon too.

3. Nice Sweet Mooncake

Mooncake is the most important food at the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's round like a full moon. Some people call the festival Mooncake Festival. Mooncake is as important as turkey at Thanksgiving.

Colorful Lanterns: Fun Things to Do

Flower lantern in interesting shapes. Flower lanterns are made of paper. They are in flower or animal shapes and painted with many colors. Teachers teach children to make them. The lanterns are beautiful at night.

Hey, let me hear from you. What's your mind and how do you celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

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