Praises: Kwesi Nyantakyi Is A 'Phenomenal' Person - Osei Palmer

Astute football administrator, Wilfred Osei Kweku Palmer has lauded former Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kwesi Nyantaky for his leadership qualities describing him as a 'phenomenal' person.

Mr. Nyantakyi is the longest FA serving president in the history of the country.

The Tema Youth president worked as an Executive Committee member of the FA and as a financial secretary under Nyantakyi's 13 years reign.

Despite losing his position in world football due to the FIFA ban, Osei Palmer believes Mr. Nyantakyi's leadership qualities are unquestionable reiterating how the phenomenon he is.

“Kwesi (Nyantakyi) is phenomenal. We have known each other since I started football and I’m very grateful that I had such a friend. You go into a meeting with Kwesi (Nyantakyi) and in the end, you feel proud of him as your leader,” he told Graphic Sports.

“I say things the way they should be said. I don’t embellish it for it to look good. I can look him in the face and say this is a bad deal. That is how I relate with the former president,” he revealed.

Osei Palmer said though some of his opponents described him as a ‘Nyantakyi boy’ during the last GFA elections, the fact remained that with the exception of Amanda Clinton and George Ankamah, the rest of the contestants were Nyantakyi’s proteges.

“If I have a leader with whom I can associate myself with, then I am proud of it. When you talk to these people in private, they will tell you that during Executive Committee meetings, Palmer was the one who stood up to contest issues,” he added.

Both Osei Palmer and Mr. Nyantakyi are both at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Osei Palmer is challenging his GFA presidential race disqualification whiles Mr. Nyantakyi is also challenging his lifetime ban by FIFA.


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