Praso Community Abroad - PRACA

The association of Praso Community Abroad - (PRACA) is a group of dedicated citizens of Adansi Praso who have come together to achieve a common goal or purpose.  PRACA was founded in the year 2018 with 8 members and increasing membership with time. The association believes in togetherness and power in unity. This has driven individuals in the association to be more unswerving.

The main objective of PRACA is to contribute to the development of the most revered town (Adansi Praso) which is located in the Adansi South District. PRACA with this aim will try it's feasible best to ensure human development especially the youth, aged and all people who may need urgent support.

The motto of PRACA is Love, Unity, and Development.

Slogan: PRACA and the response; "Praso nkosoo nti".

Since elders have said, “baakofoo nsa nso Nyame ani kata” meaning one man's palm cannot cover the face of God, PRACA would like to open its door to;

1. All citizens of Adansi Praso living abroad who are willing to join PRACA

2. All citizens of Adansi Praso who are not willing to join but would like to contribute to the course of PRACA

3. Everyone who is not a citizen of Adansi Praso but willing to contribute to the course of PRACA.

Long live PRACA, Long live Adansi praso.


President: Eric Oppong

PRO: Franklin Kofi Wusu

Secretary: Messiah Zottor

Official Email:

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