The most beautiful home in 'Fuzhou, Fuzhou', There is a lot of love to express to you.

This song was writing by a middle school teacher for Fuzhou, many people cried when they listened to it.

The original song of “Fuzhou, Fuzhou” has swipe the Fuzhou people’s circle of friends once the official song released, hitting over tens of thousands in just two days

Kind and warm lyrics let countless listeners cry.

Those scenic spots in the song are where I started to know Fuzhou.

Nice, nice!

Song Writer

She is a middle school Chinese teacher in Fuzhou. Mrs. Ye Jing

“I want to use singing to let more people know Fuzhou” Ye Jing is a native of Fuzhou, and was also the first group of volunteers to explain in Safanqixiang.

“When explaining the Fuzhou culture to tourists from all over the world, they can feel their curiosity and love for Fuzhou. However, compared with Xiamen and Wuyi Mountain, most foreigners know too little about Fuzhou. Such a beautiful poetic and flaming city deserves more people to appreciate, so I decided to write songs about Fuzhou. Tell everyone this is my hometown” Ye Jing.

In 2018, Ye Jing once wrote a song “3:30 in the afternoon at Dongjikou” which allowed her to see the “carrying goods” ability of the song. In August 2019, she started writing “Fuzhou, Fuzhou”, which took six months from prototype to production completion.

The song “Fuzhou Fuzhou” found eight (8) people of different occupations, different languages, and different ages to perform. Ye Jing said: “They represent the most ordinary people in Fuzhou and sing that everyone is sincere about this land. Favorite.”

Every lyrics is a mark of life

This song is like a diary

It express Ye Jing’s praise and love for his hometown and also the nostalgia and frustration of people living in this land of Fuzhou.

“I heard that you come from the north

I heard that you are getting used to the appearance of green leaves all year round

Form strange to attachment

The northerners in Fuzhou can’t give on her”

“Where I often go in Nanhou Street, celebrity stories grew up with me

Hometown written by Grandma Bingxin

Not only the blue of the sea, but also the green Minjiang

Born in Fuzhou, grew up in Fuzhou, loved in Fuzhou

Her beauty has been imprinted in my heart”

“I like pot with oyster cake

Still love the smell of shrimp oil

I climbed Gushan and Guling

I am very good at doing this”

Kobby is a book writer from Ghana, a very handsome and wonderful soul we have among us, he is a multi-talented person who is excellent at anything he set his eyes on to do. It took him few hours to record his part of the song in Chinese but he literally doesn’t speak Chinese.

In order to make this song, I say

"After deciding to do this, I said almost everybody, looking for resources and pulling sponsors. What impressed me is that everyone is very active to help me, some even set up their own clothes, and then dressed up to the shooting site “Ye Jing said with emotion," I didn't know Mr. Liu Wei before. I just met by chance at a certain activity. He asked tentatively and he readily agreed. "

 The leader of the good enterprise Li Changjin, the well-known host of Southeast Taiwan Liu Wei, the English teacher of Fuzhou Liming Middle School Zeng Ling, the Taiwanese singer Tang Youlin, the Fuzhou singer Song Yueling, the South African writer Kobby, the middle school student Zhou Zihan, the primary school student practicing feather ... Most people. It was so found.

But 8 people with different voices, different genders, and different ages can sing a song together. The difficulty is conceivable, but Ye Jing still insisted on doing it: "These people can be more representative of Fuzhou together."

 Timbre coordination is difficult, making MV is more difficult.  In Ye Jing’s words, it was “too much money!” Fortunately, a group of good friends gave their full support: “Many people are afraid that I ’m embarrassed to speak, and they directly transfer money in WeChat silently, and I also want to thank Li Changjin, the leader of Yahao Enterprise.  We have solved the urgent need."


Fuzhou is like a gem, waiting to be discovered


 “In Ye Jing's view, Fuzhou is a city with a strong sense of well-being, celebrities come out in abundance, and the background is deep.  The pace of life is not so fast, but it has the same convenient transportation as the big cities, but the lively but not hustle and bustle.  There are many treasures hidden in the corners of the city.

 Next, she is going to write more songs to sing Fuzhou, such as the well-prepared Aofengfang, the shipbuilding culture and Zhenhai Tower that are being prepared ...

 We also look forward to more masterpieces from Ye Jing!”

Source: Straits Network New Media Department

 Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

 Straits Network reporter: Ren Qiushuang

--FOS Publishers

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