• Francis Acheampong


Being accused and imprisoned for a crime you never committed is the worse experience for any person to ever face. A lot of innocent people are charged for crimes they had no idea of. They innocently fell gullible to the act of wrongdoers. No one will take it easy when the judge pronounces judgement and says, "... you're hereby sentenced to... imprisonment."

No matter how hard you're, you will feel the heat at that moment. A lot of undermining thoughts will comes to mind as to how your life is going to be delayed and the anticipating torment you're going to face in prison.

Being in prison doesn't justify the end of your life. The place was established purposely to straighten wrongdoers so that they can change for good and have a meaningful life thereafter. As you're in jail, get closer to God, learn something profitable and associate yourself with positive people not others who will mislead you and also kill your spirit.

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