VOA Ghana after launching its interim administration has held an international meeting with all the executives, founders, co-founders, and the International affiliated bodies on ZOOM Conference APP to fortified themselves with the task ahead of them.

The meeting was called to order by Paul Kwabena Buabeng, Board Member of Voice of Adansiman ( VOA-GHANA), at 3:15 pm Ghana time on the 14th June 2020, via ZOOM. Mr. Frank, a board member conducted a rollcall of all members who were present at the meeting with each member introducing him or herself. The list of participants is as follows;

1. Nana Ofori Paaben II (Canada) - Board Member, VOA – Ghana

2. Paul Kwabena Buabeng (China) – Board Member, VOA - Ghana

3. Franklin Kofi Owusu (China) - Board Member, VOA - Ghana

4. Jerry Mawuli - President (Ghana), VOA - Ghana

5. Benjamin Gamah (Ghana) – Sec / PRO, VOA - Ghana

6. Carrice Kandeh (America) - International PRO, VOA - Ghana

7. Alex Boadu (Ghana) - Board Member, VOA - Ghana

8. Ezito Babe (Dubai) - Deputy Sec/ PRO.

VOA - Ghana

Nana Ofori Paaben, Chief of Adansi Aboabo II, Founder and Board Member of Voice of Adansi (VOA - GHANA), started the order of the meeting with what motivated him to establish VOA - Ghana. Nana Ofori who was a youth leader and also had a cultural group in Adansi Praso before his enstoolment as chief of Adansi Aboabo II realized the appointed position given to him could have a greater impact on the people of Adansi, in terms of development and unity. He noticed the people of Adansi were facing many challenges in which he can use the experiences gained from many organizations both home and abroad to lift the name and phase of Adansi. He then began to share his vision and dreams with friends and partners both at home and overseas about how he wants to develop his locality, by bringing up the deprived communities to the notice of the world through social media. This was because he realized the needs of the people can only be met when they have one voice and focus on relating to matters affecting the development of the community. He did not hesitate to mention after consulting brother Osmosis and sister Ezito, about the whole concept, they supported the idea and Voice of Adansi began. They created a Facebook account inviting people to join the campaign for Adansiman’s development.

This was facilitated with videos and pictures uploaded on Facebook about issues and history of Adansi Aboabo II to be precise. He added, if communities can be handled by the non-elites in the society then his position and education in Tourist and Communication can render him the greater platform to do exploits to change the image of Adansiman. Adding some chiefs most at times, use their positions to intimidate citizens, and put so much fear in the inhabitants which do not allow improvement to prevail in the community. He was enthused to bring the best in the people of Adansiman. “We shall improve upon education, tourist, culture, and other social amenities” he added, this is the agenda and vision of Voice of Adansi. Nana Paaben commended Madam Carrice Kandeh, Content Developer – Amazon, Florida, and an International Public Relations Officer of Voice of Adansi, for understanding and accepting the vision he brought on board. For four (4) years madam Kandeh has been a friend and she has contributed a lot to the establishment of VOA - Ghana.

Madam Carrice who is an America based but a citizen of Sierra Leone will be coronated as the Queen Mother of the Dama Chiefdom in Sierra Leone later this year. Nana Paaben II assured Madam Carrice of the organization's participation and support during the occasion.

Paul Buabeng who is a co-founder and a Board Member, VOA - Ghana, said the vision begins with the creation of ‘fanbase’ committee which involves the participation of 50 members and above in a particular community. He said the organization will inaugurate any community that will hit the target number which would enable that community to be enrolled on the development project of VOA - Ghana per the organization’s agenda and mission. He advised that new WhatsApp applicants should get their own WhatsApp group so their coordinators will report on the mother platform to avoid information overload. Brother Osmosis, Board Member of VOA - Ghana, added that the work of the organization is practical and it will need the hard work of each member of the organization.

Speaking at the meeting, the Public Relations Officer of Voice of Adansi, Benjamin Gamah, said the purpose of the organization is to identify various community challenges and addressing them as such in consultation with all stakeholders. The organization may not be in the position of delivering certain needs but what we can do as a concerned non-governmental organization is to influence government policies to benefit the people of Adansi. He then assured management about the interim executive’s commitments to deliver their best and also put in place a well-structured six (6) month plan which will capture the operation of each fanbase community.

The Deputy Organizer of VOA – Ghana, Obed Cobbah, also declared that the executives will do whatever they can to use the opportunity in the various positions to make the entire management proud.

Madam, Carrice Kandeh, International Public Relations Officer of VOA - Ghana, also assured the members of her support to enhance the organization’s goals, as she expresses gladness for being part of such an organization.

The meeting ended with a passionate call on the organizers and the various executives to put together the six (6) months plan of VOA - Ghana as discussed earlier for review by management.


Minutes approved by JERRY A. MAWULI (PRESIDENT)


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