We Won't Allow Gov't To Cheat Ghanaians Of Fuel Prices | Mutawakilu

The Ranking Member on Parliament's Mines and Energy Committee, Adam Mutawakilu has accused the National Petroleum Authority of colluding with the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to deprive Ghanaians of a proper reduction in fuel prices at the pumps.

“In the first window of the international market price in January, it was US$606 per metric tonne and by the second window in March, it dropped to US$337 per metric tonne. Relating to the local market, it only reduced by 4.7%. This is a clear cheat and we will not sit down for NPA to collude with the OMCs to cheat Ghanaians. And they must come clear and ensure that they reduce it to a minimum of 20% for Ghanaians to benefit from it. We deserve it,” he said.

He further bemoaned the surge in erratic power supply also known as dumsor in recent times.

According to him, power cuts reveal the deep-seated challenges in the energy sector that ought to be tackled.

Addressing the media, the Damango MP called for the release of a load shedding timetable.

“No gatherings mean that those who mostly go out for prayers at churches and mosques will now stay home. We expected that you as a concerned President will ensure that we will not experience dumsor but dumsor is at its peak for no apparent reason.

Because we have enough installed capacity. He [the President] complains of excess capacity. This is the time we need the excess capacity to come to play. Excess capacity is for situations like this where people stay more at home. If demand is increasing, you should be able to meet it. But the dumsor that we are facing is more of a disaster.”

Credit: Modern Ghana

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